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Outside in the dark night flying,
Tattered wings on ǽther gliding,
O'er a bleak land and ocean sighing,
A wretched shape draws ever near.
In between the pools of light darting,
Past dead leaves and grass advancing,
At my windowsill now scratching,
Looking through the glass too clear.

Peals of twelve in the air, hanging,
Each heavy as stones, dropping,
Father Time himself is slowing,
Drawing out like the edge of a knife.
Through time's bog I wander.
To a time forever before forever,
When I did not know such terror,
That creature scratching at my life.

Once, I think I do remember,
'Neath the sky of red September,
Embers of ambition I did tender,
Long before the setting of the sun.
Skies that now are dark were beaming,
Gold and azure, splendid seeming,
Life in all the world was teaming,
But by despair it was all undone.

A minute before the hour of witching,
Brings the dread of only half knowing,
Breath is hitching, dimly rushing,
Toward the time of my death.
And the sailor here is regretting,
As he sees his own pyre burning,
Out to sea he's helplessly drifting,
On the pages of cruel Macbeth.

One last look at those eyes, glowing,
That vulture at my soul is gnawing,
Living and alone I'm sobbing,
Underneath this rain so dry.
The arms of the clock are grating,
An arm from Carcossa is reaching,
A final oblivion is waiting,
Forever on my soul to lie.
Did this for an English project, where we had to make a parody for another poem. This is built off of Lovecraft's "Despair", with a slight twist.

anapests-and-ink Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow, that is fantastic. I love how you twisted some of the lines from Lovecraft's poem ("'Neath the sky of red September" vs. "Ere the grey skies of November"). And you kept the rhythm and rhyme scheme quite well. Kudos! This is a great poem. :)
Bellairs Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you :)
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